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"My head was spinning with all this personal success psychology stuff - not anymore.  Do yourself a favor and read this book - Success Psychology & Mindset Mastery - and follow Gary's advise."

- G. Benson, Canada

"This E book is remarkable!  It's very useful and inspirational if you're seeking personal and financial success."

- A. Huyong, Philippines

"Concise, Powerful, Useful - and Straight to the Point.  Exactly what I needed.  Thanks Gary!"

- E. Bere, Indonesia

"This Intro Book - and you - are Simply Awesome. You continue to Amaze and Inspire Gary.  Thanks for everything you do for all us up and coming "little guys/gals".

- R. Sederquist, USA

"I thought you had to really have a lot of special talents and a lot of money to reach success in business and in life.  The book Success Psychology & Mindset Mastery and Gary A. Ferraro taught me - You Don't.  All you need is 'YOU' - this book - and a great mentor like Gary - to get you off the ground."

- D.T., Singapore

"As a young, educated, talented, savvy guy, I thought I was on top of this "success" stuff.  Boy was I wrong.  But boy was I lucky - to find this book - read it - and get the needed direction, mastery and mentorship I needed - but thought I didn't need.  Gary and this book saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation."


"To say I was overwhelmed and about to give up would be an understatement.  Then along came this book - and Mr. Ferraro - and then it all just seemed to fall into place.  I can't thank you enough for saving me - and pointing the way - I had just about thrown in the towel."

- Anonymous, United Kingdom

"Thank you...Thank you for our long overdue wake-up call. Gary has used tools and insight to enforce thought provoking exercises that enables you to discover and own your financial life/dream life while fulfilling your calling in life, truly amazing."

- F & J Vincent, USA

"I have often imagined about having financial success, but never understood the ways to achieve it.  Whyred and Inspyred, Wired for Wealth and Mr. Ferraro's information, training and coaching has changed all that for me.  Imagination has now turned into Realization.  I am truly inspired and 'wired' - oops - 'whyred' now - You are my Inspiration."

- M. Antara, Indonesia

"I Always love what I have read in the Wired for Wealth books and Whyred and Inspyred Mastermind Group Program... No resistance... No debating... I know it works... I have been living a lot of the principals over the past 25 years or order for change to happen in one's life one must change.... One day at a time....The attitude of gratitude... Now with Whyred and Inspyred, Wired for Wealth and Gary, I am taking it to the next level."

- K. Smith, USA

"Goodness gracious, I never saw such passion and energy in a person such as you, talking about the psychology of success and wealth-building in your Whyred and Inspyred and Wired for Wealth programs. That was such a wonderful time listening to you talk. Keep on running, Gary, a lot of people need to know more about this! Very inspiring!"

- A. Pena, Philippines

"I first met Gary at a Wealth Conference Summit in 2004 and afterwards engaged him for coaching to help me build my business. Within the first 90 days of working with Gary and receiving his coaching, I doubled my income, making $30k in one month, something I never could have dreamed possible before meeting him.  After reconnecting with Gary, and within the first several sessions of my journey with Wired for Wealth, I have already learned so much about myself and how my thoughts have held me back from achieving financial success. I believe this program is Gary's masterpiece, a culmination of all his best work, and is exactly what I need to help me get unstuck again and propel me toward creating my ultimate dream life. Thank you Gary A. Ferraro for the tremendous gift of your expertise, time and wisdom infused into Wired for Wealth. I consider it a gift and a privilege to be working with you."

- K. Di Betta, USA

"Dear Mr. Ferraro,

I just wanted to thank you for putting me on the right track with your invaluable and useful Whyred and Inspyred and Wired for Wealth Program.  I am certainly delighted to and looking forward to learning more about how to master my finances and of course nothing could be better than to learn from the "Master" himself.   I also appreciate all the time you spend personally with me to give me such deep insight and understanding of what is going on financially in the world (and within me) and how it will impact to us all and my financial future."

- D. Manurung, Indonesia

"Gary - Success Psychology & Mindset Mastery, Whyred and Inspyred, Extreme Mindset Makeover and Wired for Wealth is not just a set of tools and strategies for personal and financial success and getting people to their dream life - it is a "family" and a "way of being" that is destined for great success and is of infinite value to every human being who seeks personal and financial freedom."

- Your Very Proud Mom and Dad

"Thank you for  this e book.  It is an excellent work and you invested a lot of energy and time to write this.   And also - As it is so inexpensive to buy - verses the priceless value it gives -  it also gives a lot of positive impressions about you."

- E. Vestag, UK