How To Use and Master SELF EMPOWERMENT AFFIRMATIONS To Get Yourself In and Stay In An Emotional, Physical and Spiritual “Peak State” In Order To Fast Track You To Creating, Achieving and Sustaining Personal and Financial Success.





If the key to success is your psychology, then getting in and staying in a great, “peak state” is essential.


The use of Self Empowerment Affirmations are some of THE MOST POWERFUL mind transformation and mind conditioning techniques you can use to assist you in creating and building success. It is also a powerful tool to facilitate the use of the law of attraction most effectively in your life.


Affirmations are specific, positive, current tense, written statements that state that you “have” something or “are” something.  They should be based on your goals, dreams and most important dreamlife desires in your life.  They should start by stating “I am…”  or “I have…”  or “I love…” or “I make…”.  They are stated and affirmed as though you already have them, even though you may not yet have them manifested to you yet.  They are first manifested to and wired into your mind – then they become reality.   You should always avoid using the words “no”, “don’t”, “not” and “can’t”. They should be very specific and descriptive. They should also if necessary be actions oriented.






1) Speak Them Out Loud.

Affirmations work more powerfully and optimally when they are spoken out loud – not just in your head. You should speak them with power, conviction and emotion.


At first it is quite normal if you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about speaking affirmations in the beginning, especially if you have never done them before, because you may not fully believe them yet – or that they work.


Speaking them out loud – repeatedly – helps you to consciously program in and focus on what you desire and also effectively helps you to re-program your sub-conscious mind to wire in, imprint and ultimately take on these new beliefs gradually as your reality.


Over time, the more you do affirmations, you will come to see, feel and realize that it not only gets easier to do them but that your belief level sky rockets and thus manifestations of what you are affirming accelerates into reality faster.



2) Speak Them In Front Of The Mirror.

I highly advise that you print out and place your affirmations right next to your mirror so you can look at yourself while you are speaking them out loud. It’s very emotional and very personal.


This is an extraordinarily powerful way to anchor and wire these new empowering beliefs and desires into yourself.


I strongly advise that you do your affirmations every morning and evening in front of the mirror in your room. For privacy you may wish to and I strongly advise that you close the door to your room if others are present around so that you can focus and also have your privacy.



3) Speak Them In Your Head and Mind.

An alternative to speaking your affirmations out loud is to say them in your head but honestly this is not nearly as effective as speaking them out loud.


Perhaps, you live in a large family or in a place where it may not be convenient or comfortable for you to practice reciting the affirmations out loud to yourself. If so, then speaking them in your head is at least a good way to start out using your affirmations. But ultimately for the most power and effectiveness you’ve got to get comfortable with and actually implement speaking them out loud – not just in your head.



4) Speak Them to Your Heart.

Now this is a new one and a tough one for many newcomers to affirmations. The mind – heart connection is more important and powerful than you may think or know. Integrating and “synching up” your mind and your heart magnifies the power of your affirmations and puts you in a place of deep emotion. So when you speak and read your affirmations I advise that you place one or both of your hands on your heart and speak, visualize and feel those affirmations with deep emotion. It will take you to a place you may have never been before



5) Audio and Video Record Them And Listen To The Recording Frequently.

A great way to use your affirmations is to audio and/or video record yourself speaking your affirmations and then play back the recording and watch/listen to yourself speak them out loud often.


It is great to watch/listen to your affirmations when you wake up in the morning and also just before you go to sleep. This is because research has clearly demonstrated that the sub- conscious mind is most open to suggestive subliminal programming just after you wake up in the morning and also just before you fall asleep at night.



6) Write Them Down.

You should absolutely write your affirmations down in your own handwriting. This is very effective because it is engaging you to read, write and recite all at the same time. Trust me – it works and I swear by it!



7) Type Them Out and Then Print Them Out.

You should also absolutely type them out on your computer and then print this out for you to read and implement into your digital visualization movies which we will talk about later in this chapter.



8) Create, Read and Use Digital Visualization Boards and/or Digital Visualization Movies Implementing Your Written Affirmations Into Them.


We talk about digital visualization boards and digital visualization movies later in the PEAK STATE E book. These work very powerfully on a subliminal level. This is THE most powerful means of using your affirmations.












Enjoy It – Prosper – and Get In YOUR “PEAK STATE”.


Gary A. Ferraro – Author, Founder & Creator

 Peak State (TM)

Whyred and Inspyred (TM)


PS:  Again – here is the link to the New Special Edition – 2017 Peak State Free E book.