I love, understand and accept myself fully as I AM now.

I am perfect in my imperfection.

I accept others exactly as they are and their imperfection is also divine.

My awareness is expanding moment by moment into greater expressions of self- forgiveness, self-love and self-acceptance.

I have the birth right to be supported in all ways just because I am BORN and ALIVE.

I have the birth right to be protected because I am born and alive.

I accept the blessings of my parents wholeheartedly in my life's path.

I know I have ALL the energy I need to face all the challenges in my life.


I forgive myself unconditionally for anything and everything I ever perceived I have done wrong across all lifetimes.

I forgive others unconditionally for anything and everything wrong I perceive they did to me knowing and I understand it was part of a divine plan for my transformation.


I release all fear of instability and insecurity from every cell of my body.  I know it is the duty of the Higher consciousness to Support me and I am ready to stand on my own feet without any fear.

I release the belief that despite working hard, I don't get the results I desire and deserve. I know that my efforts are in the right direction and will definitely get me my desired results and I strive to become excellent in all that I do.

I release the belief that if I trust people they take advantage of me.  I know how to live successfully without allowing anyone to take advantage of me.

I release the belief that I have to defend myself or prove myself.

I release all fear that I have failed or will fail.

I surrender my fears and insecurities in the light of God.

I release all anger, frustration, anxiety and disappointment.

I release the belief that despite being good, bad things happen to me.

I know that everything happening in my life is a CHAPTER for me to become a better person and I accept the divine will. I surrender to the divine.  The divine will take care of me and all things.

I release all patterns of low self worth and self-doubt from every cell of my body. I am deserving of all blessings in life that I desire in my life and I will have them all with my dream life.

I release all laziness, paralysis and inaction from every cell of my body.

I release all fear of work and being overwhelmed. I release the belief that work is hard and that I am overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities to do.

I release the belief that the future is uncertain.  I am the Creator of my future and my life and I create a wonderful life for myself and my loved ones.


I know how it feels and what it is like to trust and to be trusted.

I know it is possible for me to trust.

I attract trustworthy people. I trust myself.

I trust that the universe will deliver me all that I need and desire.

I know how to identify and attract the opportunities and people that are right for me.


I AM a being of pure love, awareness, positive energy and spirit.  I am open up to divine love and guidance.

Today I am totally grateful for all the blessings being bestowed upon me in the form of my spouse/partner, family, friends, business, career, my life and all the blessings I receive every day.

I know how to attract success by Joy and Love and today the thought of reaching a higher position in life excites me.

I am tuned in to success, joy, contentment, support, love and bliss in my day to day life.

I recognize and seize every opportunity that is sent to me.

I know I am the Creator of my destiny.

I create an abundant and Joyful life for myself each day.

I Know That All I Need is Within Me Now.



Copyright and Trademark 2012-2016  Gary A. Ferraro.  All Rights Strictly Reserved.

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