"Stand Like a Mountain...

Flow Like the Water...


Get Back Up!"

- Gary A. Ferraro

There are no simple handbooks for facing tragedy, chaos, loss or misfortune.

There are no schools available to all for learning how to deal with, live with and cope with poverty nor the loss of loved ones, personal possessions or your hard earned money, assets and finances.

There are no quick-fix solutions for world chaos, disorder, evil, deceit, lies, greed, power struggle and lack of prudent leadership and action by those who are in charge.

But with EACH and EVERY tragedy, chaos, misfortune, loss or challenge you face – there IS an OPPORTUNITY for discovery, inner growth and a chance to GROW and GIVE and OVERCOME.

A chance also to flex and grow your emotional and physical muscle.

A chance to become LEADERS – of ourselves and of others.

To SHOW THE WAY – when there is so much darkness and uncertainty.

We cannot control everything in our lives and in our world.

We can, however control OURSELVES.


WHAT we THINK - HOW we think.

 WHAT we DO - HOW we do it.

 WHAT we SAY - HOW we say it.


The lessons and events of each of our lives - as well as the world - often have brought pain, confusion and suffering home hard to us - and when it happens - it is dear to our hearts with nearly all of us.

Sometimes - so many may have reached out to you - and you to them - in the dark, painful, confusing, catastrophic, turbulent and suffering times we each face at some time in our lives.

And sometimes it seems that there is no one there to reach out a hand or a heart to help at all.

To those who have lost something (or everything) or someone (or many) during times of chaos, loss, pain, suffering and tragedy –  Always Know that...

There are those who will be there to offer heartfelt support, assistance and love – in whatever way they feasibly can.

There are loving and loyal family, friends, clients, colleagues, service providers, staff, supporting professionals and leaders around the world.

There are courageous and loyal people who have and will stick it out with you.

There are those who will send out to you positive energy with heartfelt love, support, gratitude, congratulations and thanks.

There are those who stand ready TODAY and EVERDAY to continue to take steps forward with you and to help you reach your goals and succeed.

And Tomorrow – you and they will take many more as well.

One Step at a time – One Day at a time.

But most important of all - is just remember:

Success and Victory is Getting Knocked Down 9 Times

and Getting Back Up 10.


Always Stand Like a Mountain but Flow Like the Water.



Copyright and Trademark 2008-2016  Gary A. Ferraro.  All Rights Strictly Reserved.

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