Understanding, Discovering and Mastering Human Rules – and Most Importantly YOUR Rules and Why Your Rules Matter and How They Influence Your Success or Failure In Achieving Personal Success and Financial Success.

Authored By Gary A. Ferraro
Author, Founder & Creator:

Extreme Mindset Makeover – Success Psychology, Mindset Mastery & Peak Performance Training Course

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Rules matter significantly when it comes to achieving success.

Your Rules significantly affect all aspects of your life.

Most People Really Do NOT Understand This As Well As They Should. (If They Even Really Understand It At All.)

And VERY FEW People Really Actually Ever Take The Time To Identify and Understand Their Rules – Or Know How To Closely Assess Their Core Rules To Understand WHAT They Are and IF They Are Helping and Serving You – Or Hurting You – On Your Journey To Creating Personal and Financial Success.


What Are Rules?

A Rule is a established standard, description or prerequisite for an activity or action.

Rules can be either externally or internally imposed – or sometimes both.

Rules define how and what and under what terms and conditions you can or will act.

They can be guides to choices or guides to conduct.

They can be a moral or religious code.

They are a reason to act, feel, believe – or not to.

They can be used or implemented individually or in groups or in families, or in societies or even in countries.

Rules are rooted in a current reality – the reality of the world as we know it and where we live.

The world has become more and more complex, due to increasing globalization, new communication systems and other technological developments.

Rules have followed this trend and have become more and more complex.

At the same time we see that there is a limit to the complexity that we can handle – a point where things might get out of control – a point where there are too many rules.


Why Your Rules Matter
and How They Influence Your Success?


One of the ways most of us limit our potential for personal and financial success is through our rules.

We all have rules and some of them are not so empowering.

There is one fundamental message that is critical with rules that I want to convey to you.

That Message is…

You really need to understand the 3 R’s as they are often called and then use your new understanding of the 3 R’s to make your life and your journey to personal and financial success better.
The 3 R’s are:

1) Relationships.

We must Build and Nurture Great Relationships.
2) Rules.

We must Minimize and/or change our RULES in those relationships.
3) Regrets.

We must Eliminate regrets from having too many rules in our lives.
RULES affect our personal and financial success, happiness, fulfillment, relationships and finances in a huge way either positively or negatively.

Every disagreement, fight, war, act of terrorism, lawsuit, or other “upset” or “disagreement” between people is due to a difference in their rules.

So everything that is an upset between people, religions, countries, cultures, financial systems – and so on – is ultimately a series of rules upsets.

Just think about it for a minute…

What do you argue/disagree about with your spouse/partner, your friends, or your family, or your boss or your colleagues at work or your business partners?

Why are there so many lawsuits?

Why are there so many business conflicts?

Why are there so many religious conflicts?

Why are wars started?

What instigates acts of terrorism?
Among the most prominent answers to those questions is that it is…

All about differing rules, beliefs, values and opinions
between the parties involved.

Whether it’s about money, the kids, family, friends, enemies, adversaries, vacations, fidelity, politics, religion, government, income, investing, financial systems, business, careers – or anything else for that matter – it comes down to a difference in our rules that ultimately causes the ultimate conflict.

So In order to achieve and sustain personal and financial success, it is crucial that you…

Change Your Rules.


Changing Your Rules.

We all have rules.

And the more rules we have, the more likely (and frequently) others will break our rules – because everyone has different rules.

In addition, the stricter and more inflexible we are about our rules, the stronger the conflicts we will face when (not if) people break them.

And changing our rules is not easy.

Why is that?

Well – it is because our rules are very dear to us and part of how we define ourselves and our lives.

Many times they are fundamental principles we have created for ourselves, or which were created for us by others, over many, many years – some since the time we were born – which can be very deeply embedded and wired into our psychology.

Even more difficult is changing other people’s rules.

In relationships, rules can cause significant arguments – even simple rules.
If you want more personal and financial success you MUST…

1) Change Your Rules.

2) Reduce or eliminate the “upset” associated with conflicting rules between you and others by this three-part process:

a. You must change the rule to be a flexible “Guideline” instead.

b. You must understand the other persons rule and they must understand yours.

c. Both must communicate about the difference in rules and both must agree to compromise and “to meet half-way” toward the new Guideline.



Identifying and Assessing What YOUR Rules Are.

What Are Your Top Rules?

You Can’t Change Your Rules If You Don’t Clearly Know and Define What Your Rules Are.
So You Need To Do The Following…

To Achieve and Optimize Your Success
You MUST and NEED To Do The Following:

Identify and Assess What YOUR Rules Are.

A Question:

Have You EVER Really Sat Down and Taken The Time to
IDENTIFY and ASSESS What Your Most Important Core Rules Are?


• Money and Wealth
• Success
• Love
• Family
• Relationships
• Health
• Life in General
• Religion
• Politics
• Governments
• God or Your Creator
• The World and Your Place and Purpose in it
• The Universe and Your Place and Purpose in it




Have You EVER Really Sat Down and Taken The Time To
Your Most Important Core Rules Are and Have Been:

Serving You and Empowering You?


Hurting You, Disempowering You
and Holding You Back From Success?


and then


Identify WHAT Are YOUR Top 10 Core Rules.


and then


Identify What The HIEARCHY Is of Your Top 10 Core Rules
(meaning putting them in their
order of importance to you from 1 to 10).


and then


For EACH Of Your Top 10 Core Rules
Ask Yourself and Carefully Assess:


Are These Rules:

Serving You and Empowering You?


Are These Rules:

Hurting You, Disempowering You
and Holding You Back From Success?


Transform and Master Your Mind and
You Will Transform and Master Your Life.

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